As a business owner looking to keep up with competitive trends in order to attract and then retain the best possible employees, you may be interested to learn about the latest benefits trend. In 2021, several unique trends that started in 2020 may be expected to continue, and a handful of all-new trends could be on the rise as well. From remote work flexibility to extra health benefits and more, here are some of the top benefit trends to watch this next year.

Many Employees Will Continue To Prefer Remote or Flexible Work

The biggest trend of 2020 – a switch to remote or more flexible work – may become an expected benefit in 2021. Because of its convenience, safety and popularity, many employees may continue to prefer working remotely throughout the upcoming year. If offering flexibility on work arrangements is possible for your company, it could help you hold on to valuable employees.

Some Employers May Offer Mental Health Care To Workers

One interesting and fairly novel perk that could become trendy in 2021 is mental health care for employees. Some employers have already begun offering counseling sessions or therapy for employees, and other health benefits that could contribute to good mental health, such as gym memberships or on-site healthy cuisine options, could become more widespread as well. If your business is new to offering healthcare benefits beyond basic insurance, you may want to survey your employees and see whether they would prefer more personal days, a company gym or other similar benefits that could help their mental health.

Some Tailored 2020 Benefits, Including COVID-19 Testing for Employees, May Continue

Another healthcare related perk that started in 2020 and that may well continue into 2021 relates to COVID-19 testing for employees, as well as other tailored health benefits, such as paid sick leave. Such policies became more commonplace in 2020, and many employees are drawn to companies that are supportive of their health and allow greater flexibility for preventative care and necessary time off.

If you’re hoping to offer your employees the latest and most popular benefits in 2021, you may want to make a note of these benefits trend directions. This next year in employee benefits could be characterized by a stronger emphasis on healthcare perks and a continued flexible approach to remote work, and by offering those benefits, you could effectively retain and attract top talent to your company.