Benefits Administration Services

Benefits Administration Services

Many employers are still processing their open enrollment or new hire transactions on paper. Many more have benefits technology that they either don’t like or are not using to its full potential due to poor implementation or training. Paper enrollments and poorly implemented technology create a myriad of challenges including incomplete information, missing paperwork, HIPAA compliance issues, data-entry errors and length of time to compile and process all information. These issues do not even account for the extreme burden placed on a company’s HR staff. We eliminate these challenges by either introducing new technology or assisting an employer in maximizing their ROI on the existing system(s).

e3’s BenAdmin Advantage

Well-Organized Implementation

Regardless of the system or needs, we develop a detailed implementation plan that clearly identifies each project deliverable, who is responsible and the deliverable date.

Employee Engagement

One key benefit to our process is the systems training that we provide to employees. We teach them how to log-in, make benefits elections and where to find information such as carrier websites, group numbers and EAP phone numbers. We want to empower employees to effectively self-manage their benefits over time.

Employer Training

We truly believe that these systems should be “leave behind” systems. That can only be accomplished if all users fully understand how to manage and who is responsible for each type of transaction in the system. We provide detailed training and on-going support to ensure that the technology is a valuable tool for everyone involved.

Market-leading Pricing

We provide our services at highly competitive pricing. Even better, we are typically able fund the costs of our services through technology subsidies or commission revenue that is commonly available.

Market Vision

Technology is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. We are always searching for new solutions that can provide the best options for our customers. We will often recommend a platform change to an existing customer when there are better options available to meet their needs. When you work with e3, you ensure that you are getting leading technology today, and for as many years as we maintain a partnership.


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