Benefits Communication Solutions

Benefits Communication Solutions

At e3, we’re focused on improving your employee’s understanding of the benefits you offer. We have found that the better they understand their benefit choices, the more empowered they feel – and the more likely they are to elect coverage and use their coverage wisely. All of this leads to improved employee satisfaction and reduced turnover. We partner closely with our clients to determine the best methods for communication and the plan for development and distribution. We reinforce any of the communication materials through our personal 1-to-1 enrollment session

e3’s Benefits Communications Advantage

Electronic Media

We provide traditional PDF fliers and memos, as well as more interactive media such as Digital Postcards, “Flip-book” electronic benefits booklets and voice-over benefits presentations.

Communications Vehicle

We often utilize e-mail to distribute information to employees, but we aren’t limited there. We have used blast text messages, robo-dialers, posters with QR codes and more to ensure that even blue-collar or remote employees receive the desired content.

Print Materials

Although the “green” initiative is becoming the industry standard, we do understand that some populations still need hard-copy educational materials. We can provide posters, postcards, letters, memos and employee Benefits Booklets when needed to serve our clients’ employees.


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