Employees are the greatest factor in determining company culture. Human resource departments are the primary tool that business owners have for maintaining control of this aspect of their ventures. Here are some trending workplace realities that are bound to have a continuing impact on the type of staff they attract.

1. Personal Services

As working from home becomes further normalized, renewed attention is being placed on the quality of family life. Employees will increasingly desire jobs that mesh naturally with their personal lives.

2. Political Stances

More companies are making statements regarding hot-button issues than ever before. While controversial opinions are bound to create pushback, increasing throngs of activists will continue demanding that stances be taken. Think carefully before taking any public positions.

3. Wage Gaps

Men are projected to return to their office jobs ahead of women. As this happens, the gender-wage gap will increase. Avoid worsening the situation by balancing promotions and bonuses between men and women.

4. Employee Monitoring

Modern technology allows bosses to track their employees’ every move. The desire for electronic monitoring should endure as working from home expands further.

5. Scheduling Flexibility

The virtual nature of our working landscape is making punching in and out increasingly irrelevant. Greater emphasis will be placed on what gets done over hours spent.

6. Increased Automation

Computerization allows us to automate complicated tasks. While vastly beneficial for corporations, digital innovations make less-skilled workers redundant.

7. Company Vaccinations

With limited vaccines available, the ability to get immunized at work will be highly appealing. Offices that make bulk vaccine purchases will be in an enviable position.

8. COVID-19 Lawsuits

In due time, the pandemic is bound to contaminate worksites. As soon as employees suspect an office infection, litigation may become inevitable.

9. Mental Health

Anxiety surrounding the state of the world is nearly certain to persist. Mental health services are now and will continue to be considered a critical benefit.

10. Freelance Workers

Widespread uncertainty means companies need more flexibility than ever. Full-time positions will wane further while temporary labor rises.

11. Individual Incentives

States are known for offering businesses tax incentives. Future credits are likely to shift toward benefiting individuals, giving workers reason to relocate rather than getting corporations to move.

The type of employees your office draws has a massive impact on company culture. Make sure your human resources department provides desirable enticements so that those you hire contribute toward a pleasing work environment.