Benefits enrollment is challenging for every company. It’s a vital tool for workforce attraction and retention. And also a major compliance and legal hurdle. For many companies, the start of enrollment season is stressful, with long days and even longer to-do lists for HR teams. 

That’s why partnering with an expert enrollment firm can be so beneficial. It takes the stress and burden off internal teams. And it can put your company in a position to offer an even more competitive benefits package. 

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering hiring an external benefits company. 

Bring in The Experts 

Enrollment firms have a distinct advantage in the enrollment process because it’s their entire business. Unlike an HR team, they’re not focused on hiring, policies, and onboarding. 

Throughout the year, their focus is managing and implementing benefits enrollments. And there’s a high level of expertise that comes with this work. 

A good enrollment firm will have many resources like benefits counselors for onsite support or virtual enrolling. 

Problem Solvers

During open enrollment, something will go wrong. And how an enrollment company handles those issues is the mark of a great partner. 

When you bring a challenge to your enrollment partner, they should be able to provide a solution that will help you. 

The Work Isn’t Over When Enrollment is Finished 

Once enrollment ends, there’s still work to be done. Data cleanup, ongoing new-hire support, and post-enrollment assessments are all critical parts of the process. 

You’ll want to work with a benefits partner who offers support year-round. 

We’ve Got Your Back

E3 Benefits tackles the tough task of open enrollment with our strategic solutions. We approach each client knowing they have a unique situation and employees. And we develop a plan that’s best for them, not one size fits all.  

Get in touch with us to start the conversation about how we can make open enrollment a great experience for you and your employees.