One of the most impactful ways you can influence employee satisfaction is with a robust benefits package. 

By taking care of your workforce’s health and wellness with benefits that address their needs, employees will be thankful for an employer that prioritizes them. 

Your benefits offering is much more than insurance. It’s a strategic tool that can help you retain employees, increase workforce satisfaction, and make your organization desirable to new talent. 

Offer Benefits Employees Want 

To use your benefits offering as a retention tool, you must provide benefits that your workforce wants. This means you’ll need a diverse offering, which includes voluntary benefits. 

Your employee population has unique needs. Consider surveying your employees to understand better what they’re looking for. 

Even the best core coverage offerings have gaps. You can utilize voluntary plans to complement your major medical plans and support employees, reducing out-of-pocket expenses and stress. 

This could be in the form of offering a hospital indemnity plan to fill a gap in coverage with a high-deductible plan. 

Or, you can provide an accident plan to cover out-of-pocket expenses if your employees are very active.

Tell Your Employees About the Coverage 

Once you’ve selected plans your employees will want, it’s critical to communicate and educate them on what’s available. 

Your communication plan should include a variety of channels like email, direct mail, and group meetings. Information should be provided to employees so they can clearly understand what’s offered and decide which coverage is best for them. 

A great communication strategy is built on knowing your workforce and how they best receive info. 

Your Employees Will Thank You 

Benefits are a major component of employee compensation. When your workforce understands what’s offered and how it can benefit them and their families, they’ll appreciate what you provide and are more likely to stay with your organization longer. 

Our team has experience building benefits packages tailored for your company’s workforce. And we can manage communication, enrollment, and post-enrollment activities. Let’s talk about how we can do this for your organization