Dependent verification audits can be difficult to conduct if employees don’t buy into the idea and cooperate, which is why it’s important to understand how to ease them into the process. As you think your way through the best way to implement the verification process, remember to follow the principles of good leadership and communication. That means using plain language and making sure all employees understand the requirements for dependent coverage. It also means communicating early and often about the details of the process, including deadlines for document submission and methods of submission you can accept.

You’ll also need to find a way to help them understand how this verification process works to help them in the long run. That means explaining not only the requirements, but also the ways that verification helps hold down costs, and the consequences of rising costs. Be realistic and non-threatening, but don’t hold back either. If the first option in the face of price hikes will be to shift more out of pocket costs to employees or reduce coverage options, layout how it will work and how saving money through processes like dependent verification can prevent that.

It’s also essential that employees see you reinvesting in them when you save money through a process like this. That means quantifying the reinvestment to them in ways they can appreciate, beyond just cost containment. If you’re saving enough to have significant working capital, reinvest it in something like break room renovations, better restroom facilities, or in another way that helps improve the work environment. That way, employees will associate these reviews with improvements in their workspaces.

Early, consistent, and clear communication is key throughout this process. Use lay terms to explain everything, and don’t depend on employees parsing their benefits documents themselves. Instead, present the information about dependent verification with follow-up contact that ensures each and every member of your organization understands the process. It will speed up and simplify your next audit if you can get strong employee buy-in.