Dear valued friends, customers and partners,

During these challenging times, we wish all of our clients, friends, family, and employees good health. We are all living through alterations of our daily routines, which are causing unique anxieties and health concerns across the country. As limitations and changes to our daily lives arise, we are working as hard as we can to avoid changes in our business. While even the near future is uncertain, our commitment to you is still strong.

To truly make it through the COVID-19 crisis, businesses will need to find ways to maintain operations until the virus passes. The CDC is providing guidance to reduce the size of events and gatherings, and that carries over to the workplace. While some businesses are temporarily closing their doors or restricting hours of operation, there are many that need more robust solutions. Fortunately, e3 has the technology to keep our operations running and aid our clients in meeting their benefit enrollment and administration needs during these tough times.

Many companies are concerned about handling their benefits questions and managing their employees’ coverage options. Please know that our e3 teams are here to help. We specialize in enrolling employees anywhere and at any time. On any normal week, e3’s Benefits Counselors support dozens of on-site enrollments for our customers all around the country. We can still support all those enrollments and more, even if we can’t come on site for a while. Our technology securely leverages the cloud, so we can easily and compliantly connect our highly trained Field Benefits Counselors virtually with your employees and continue to provide that personal touch necessary to help your employees make the right benefit choices.  Our services provide both a very important human touchpoint for employees in a difficult time and the ability to effectively manage your benefits programs on schedule when employees are in need of those programs the most.  

Encourage your workforce to follow the guidance offered by professionals, and to seek help if needed. Remember, while businesses may be restricted, they can still be productive if owners and employees think strategically and stay as healthy and safe as possible.

Please reach out to any of our team members and e3 partners if you have any questions about how we can help. We wish you the best.