Every year, open enrollment season creeps up on employers. At E3 Benefit, we’ve taken some time to develop tips to help engage employees when your next open enrollment season occurs. In modern-day America, it is a requirement that most employers provide adequate healthcare coverage for their full-time employees. Although this has become a normality for many companies, studies have shown staff undoubtedly appreciate the benefits that come with employment.

There is no doubt that open enrollment can be a stressful and confusing time for both employers and employees. Here are a few tips to help ease this process.

Get Their Attention

As all employers know, COVID-19 had a dramatic effect on businesses alike. In-person marketing and reminders such as posters and desk drops were laid to rest, and virtual communication took flight in 2020. With employees working at home and entire companies operating virtually, communicating enrollment details via email, text messages, custom websites, videos, and other digital content was critical to this year’s enrollment success. We suggest utilizing all forms of virtual communications to ensure you are reaching all of your employees in a form of communication that they prefer in a future enrollment process.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush

Get to the point! Ensure you are communicating the most critical information when discussing benefits. Outline all available enrollment options and any changes, additions, or deletions that may have occurred since. Don’t make more work for yourself! Communicate all critical information upfront with employees to ensure mix-ups or misinformation does not occur.  Too much on your plate? Hire a benefits professional to answer questions and help your employees through the enrollment process.

Let The Professionals Handle It

By partnering with an experienced enrollment firm, you will get the expertise needed to grab your employee’s attention, communicate key information, and provide helpful resources needed for employees to make the best decision for their future healthcare. By hiring a benefits professional, a stress-free enrollment process is created for you and your employees!

Don’t Stop The Conversation

Even after open enrollment has expired, the topic of benefits should continue in your workplace. Every few months, send a brief word of advice regarding how everyone’s health-related assets can best be utilized. Things can change quickly in your employees’ lives — ebb and flow with them and remind them of all of their greats benefits they have to utilize while working with your company!

Interested in learning more about hiring an enrollment firm? We’re here for you! Contact us today to get started.